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Fermented Lemons

Fermented Lemons are a very good for dressing vegetable salads, easy for prepare and fool of vitamins . They have all the benefits of lemons plus benefits of fermented fruits. You will not need to prepare more dressing to your salad – it will already wait in your refrigerator. It will be a specific and very interesting spicy flavour that bring new taste to the salads.





All what we need for this:



Red hot or sweet paprika

Olive oil


Little bit sugar


Lemon and Garlic  – cut.

Sprinkle lemon paprika, salt, add the garlic.Mix. Leave for a couple of hours for to let lemons to do juice.

Fold tightly in a jar, pour the oil on top of that so the pieces will be  covered.

1 kg of lemons – 75 g of salt.
Add (optional) sweet or spicy paprika (1 teaspoon).

Close the lid and place the jar and put in a well lit place.

After one day the lemons should be covered with juice. If not – add fresh lemon juice in an amount such that its level was above the level of lemons. On top of juice, pour into a jar of olive oil, it will prevent souring.

Ready for use after 1-2 days and look so beautiful:)!

 Fermentation takes all the bitterness!





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