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Sport in the lifes of children and its benefits


Healthy eating is very important for us and our children, but we need to think of course also about our healthy physical development as an important indicator of our health. For this children need sport and also games. Sometimes kids don’t like so much to go to sport club or gym for boring working out, they more like games. One of the best solution of this problem is a combination of games and sports.

Many parents wonder what is the role of sport in children’s lives and what are it’s benefit, what are the positive aspects of it.

Unfortunately, today’s children prefer to spend their free time sitting in front of the TV or computer, thus limiting itself in motion, and forget that  the movement is the natural need of the human body.

What kind of emotions get the boys when they think about  transport? Passenger cars, trucks, tractors, mopeds and much more? Already at an early age boys have a particular interest in the present Transport, asking at  parents to buy them one their own one.

Bicycle and ATV are a powerful and modern tools of healing and support the body (that is right also for adults and kids). Do you know that using of the ARV is considerably higher than many other sports? In this time there is a constant exercise of the eye muscles, refocusing  from the close objects to more distant. This is an excellent means of relaxation from the computer work!

One of the sport games in (usually boys, but sometimes also girls) child life is using electric motorcycle .

Tiger Motors Corporation develops and importer of ETM models – ATV  electric motorcycle for children and youth. Boys like also electric motorbikes, there are different and very attractive types of ATV for older children and teens.1

Interesting facts:

US state of Georgia Specialists Medical Institute, published a rather interesting results of their research associated with riding a motorcycle and ATV.
Scientists have shown that when traveling on a bike, speed is the speed of the human brain, as well as brain activity increased by 10-12 percent.
These changes in the brain caused by using ATV and motorcycle. As researchers found that while traveling on a these machinery the brain receives and processes a greater flow of information than during a trip such as a car!  Studies also had found that ride on a motorcycle is really useful for brain and bone health! Tiger Motors is one of recommended companies that have one of the best models of electric motorbikes.

Riding on a motorcycle (mechanicals and electrical) is improving brain blood circulation and midline structures, it improves memory, stimulates thinking, improves sleep.

Ride bikes of course useful but better to do it, for example, in the parks, rather than on the streets. So biking will take place much nicer.


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