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Detoxification at home: how to clean your body


Poor environment, poor quality food, stress, hypodynamia – all this pollutes our body.

Scientists have calculated that each year an adult person consumes 3.75 liters of pesticides, which are teeming with modern vegetables and fruits, as well as 5 kg of artificial preservatives and food additives, plus another 2 kg of hazardous solids that we breathe through the lungs… Unfortunately, to avoid this toxic attack not possible, but to minimize the consumption of toxic substances and reduce the harm that they cause is quite real.

Pain in joints and muscles
Parasites can navigate through the human body for the purpose of settling in the most convenient places, such as in the joint fluid and muscle. Inflammation of the tissue injury is the result of their parasites or immune reaction to their presence. At the same time a person experiences muscle and joint pain!

Toxins – are the protein substances of bacterial, plant or animal. Their excess affects all functions and systems of the body. Harmful substances, that come to us from the outside world, are making us more susceptible to infection, worse blood circulation and are leading us  to the most dangerous diseases.

Our bodies are, fortunately, able to self-clean. But they need help. There are many ways to detox organism.

Let’s begin to identify the most harmful sources of toxins and decisively abandon them. Of course, tobacco and alcohol will be leaders in the black list

Think about whether or not to poison your body, because the price of a bad habit your health and beauty. Cigarettes not only degrade the performance of many internal systems of the body, but also spoil the appearance: deprived of freshness and elasticity of the skin, leading to darkening of the tooth enamel, making brittle hair and nails. Besides tobacco interferes with the absorption of many vitamins (especially vitamin C).

We have to be careful also with drinking coffee excess of caffeine leads to insomnia and headaches, increases blood pressure, prevents the absorption of minerals and vitamins.

Every day in our diet should be present vegetables, fruits and grains. They, like a good broom, will clean the body from unnecessary ballast. Sauna is  also good for skin cleansing. But this is just a partial cleansing the body of toxins, because we have to further purify the body’s cells, intercellular space, fat and connective tissue, lungs, kidneys.

1. Fasting on water – the most easy process of cleaning organism.

Cleansing the body by water is one of the most important natural ways to clean the body from all kinds of poisons and toxins. Water is the number one of the element in the life of any organism on the planet.

  After asking your doctor try to drink one day only water. It has to be clean water, mineral water.
For daily gentle detoxifying is recommended every day in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of water with the juice of half a lemon.

 2. Juice Detox – Diet


Juicing is a very healthy process, but we need to use the fresh fruits and vegetables and do juices at home directly after juicing have to drink this juice and not  to keep it  in the fridge. Make juice not only from fruits but also from vegetables.

dill from my garden

dill from my garden

3. Deep breathing

We all are breathing of course, but do you know that shallow breathing can even drive us to muscle clamp and cause stress and fatigue? Deep breathing during the day will relaxe tight muscles and in their impact work  like a mini-meditation. Even any technique of deep, conscious and controlled breathing is driving to great benefits.  Just  take a deep breath, expanding his chest as your lungs are filled, hold your breath for a few seconds, and then exhale slowly. During breathing imagine how healthful oxygen circulates through your body and refreshes all your body’s cells.

4. Vegetarian diet20140719_105336

On seven days, you can choose a vegetarian diet. The best products in terms of cleansing the body at home –are  apples, carrots, beets and greens. Can be added to a diet of oatmeal, and then contained in these products fiber, like a sponge, collect all the toxins in the body and lead them by stimulating the bowels. Just do not forget to drink at least two litters of water during a cleansing diet and do not spend it for longer than 7-10 days, so you do not lose muscle mass already.


5. Green tea

Also make it a rule –  to drink a day 2-3 cups of green tea and with lemon will be  better. This drink clean the body of harmful substances and  at the same time helps to get rid of excess weight. Moreover, proved that green tea lowers blood pressure and blood sugar levels.



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