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Facts About Healthy Eating

Question of the proper and healthy nutrition is still relevant as ever. Without getting enough nutrition the body cannot function normally.
 That is why we would like to bring here some useful and interesting facts about healthy eating.
-The average man takes about 2500 calories a day, a woman – 2000 calories.
-The most vitamins contain green vegetables and fruits.
– Most of us truly believe that the greatest amount of vitamin C in lemons and other citrus, but, oddly enough, it is not. There are products in which the ascorbic acid content is higher than we know about this. So, here’s a list of products that we consume every day, and do not know about how much they are useful:
cabbage (sauerkraut in or fresh), mandarins, lemons, spinach, potatoes, oranges, strawberries, black currant, rowan, hell, pepper.
– Sugar, or more precisely – glucose – is the main source of energy for the brain. Therefore, fully respond to of using sugar is not necessary. The question is its quantity. All natural sweeteners have almost the same calorie content as sugar…So no need to completely give up from sugar.
-lack of vitamin A impairs vision.
 There are a lot of facts about healthy eating that people usually forget or use to myths and mistakes:

1. Canned tuna does not contain omega-3: the technology used conservation cannot save these acids.
As well as salmon, herring and other oily fish, tuna – a reliable source of omega-3 fatty acids. Serve the tuna once a week (140 g) is important for normal brain and blood vessels, protects against depression.

2. Milk and dairy products with low fat (1-2%) are preferable to solid (3.5% or more). So you not only eat less saturated fat, but also get more calcium because in the process of displacement of fat content of calcium in the same volume of milk increases.

3. It is generally believed that the good condition of the bones needs calcium (milk products), but it is not absorbed by the body without vitamin D ( fat of fish and also being in the sun, it is “sunshine vitamin”). Thus, vitamin D, and not only calcium, supports the strength and stability of the skeleton.

Other interesting facts about healthy eating during the day:

-Breakfast should be fed and be sure to include a hot meal and warm drinks. It should be 25% of the daily diet.
-The volume of the second breakfast – 15% of the daily diet.
-Lunch, consisting of three dishes, contains 35% of the daily diet.
– It takes about 3 hours to digest a dinner, constituting the remaining 25% of the daily diet.

Healthy eating in childhood increases the intellectual capacity and performance of the child. In adolescence and in adulthood there will be fewer health problems, will not occur in overweight and obesity, so it is very important, that pupils in schools will learn more facts about healthy eating.

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