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Non Dairy Yogurt

Regular yogurt is an oxidation product of milk,  making by helpful, “good” bacteria, as a rule, lactobacilli bulgaricus and lactobacilli thermophilus. During the processing of milk protein, these bacteria produce nutrients needed for their livelihoods. These nutrients are beneficial to humans.

But there are people whose stomach cannot digest milk sugar (lactose) due to the fact that the body does not synthesize lactase – the enzyme needed to break down lactose, or food allergies – so they cannot use regular yogurt for their daily diet. Non dairy Yogurt is a nutritional alternative for people with lactose intolerances.

Instead of regular milk can be used:

  • rise milk
  • almond milk
  • coconut milk
  • soy milk

One kind of the non dairy yogurt is yogurt making from soy milk – vegetable milk made ​​from soybeans. Soy milk is considered the birthplace East Asia. Like other types of vegetable milk (rice, oatmeal, almond) and cow’s milk, soy milk is used in cooking. From soy milk can be made ​​ tofu, soy yogurt and other drinks (egg milkshakes).

(Soy milk is nutritionally close to cow’s milk. In its natural form it contains about the same amount of protein as cow’s milk (but differs from it in the content of amino acids). Natural soy milk contains little calcium in fit to human form, so many manufacturers of soya milk enriched with calcium. Unlike cow’s milk contains soy low in saturated fat and no cholesterol. Soy milk contains sucrose as a basic disaccharide, which is broken down into glucose and fructose. Likewise it does not contain galactose, and can be used as an alternative to breast milk for children with galactosemia.)

For making yogurt from this non dairy milk use the same as from milk – with adding the protosimbiotic  mixture of pure cultures of Lactobacillus bulgaricus (Bulgarian bacillus) and Streptococcus thermophilus (thermophilic streptococcus). It’s possible to buy as yogurt starters and to add to soy or rice milk. Yogurt starters contain the friendly bacteria, which is turning milk into yogurt. This biologically active yogurt bacteria restore intestinal flora, improve digestion and it did the same work also in the non dairy yogurt.

Lactic and acetic acids, which are formed after exposure of yogurt in the gastrointestinal tract, destroy putrefactive bacteria that inhabit the colon, so the yogurt enhances immunity and work as anti-aging. Improvement of intestinal microflora really helps even against depression.

Simple receipt for making non dairy yogurt by yourself:

For the preparation of soy, rise or another yogurt, you can also use ready-made soya (or another) yoghurt. Half a cup of ready-made non dairy yogurt will be enough for adding to one box of soy milk (4 cups). After adding put it to a worm place for 8 hours or until it will thicken. In this yogurt you can add a lot of tasty things like chocolate, jam and nuts. (More correctly name of soy yogurt is “Cultured Soy Milk”).

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