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Proper nutrition for weight loss

Do you know what is common in many overweight people, tried unsuccessfully to lose weight? They do not eat anything in the morning. It is for them and was invented this system of proper nutrition.

It would seem that to you eat less –  is quite proper diet for weight loss. Meanwhile, a hearty breakfast – the best friend of all dieters. This is a medically established fact. For leading a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition is a mandatory part of it.


Sample menu of proper nutrition for breakfast:

First embodiment. A small piece of meat, a portion of rice and 200 grams of salad, a cup of tea with lemon, small fruit.
Second Embodiment. Chicken breast topped with parmesan cheese, boiled potatoes with green beans, a cup of tea with lemon, small fruit.
Third Embodiment. Omelet of two eggs, bread with cereals and green salad, a cup of herbal tea, a small piece of fruit
Snack: unsweetened fruit or a handful of nuts.

Right foods for lunch:

First embodiment. Two toasted bread with lean fish, green salad without dressing, mineral water with lemon.
Second Embodiment. The servings of brown rice with steamed vegetables, a glass of mint tea, small fruit.
Third Embodiment. Boiled meat, salad, toast, mineral water with lemon.
Snack: yogurt.

Proper and healthy eating for dinner:

First embodiment. Steamed vegetables with toast, a glass of water with lemon.
Second Embodiment. Nonfat cottage cheese 150 g, a small piece of fruit, a glass of water.
Third Embodiment. Boiled fish with green salad, toast, a glass of water with lemon.

Proper nutrition for the week, of course, will not give dramatic changes and requires some self-discipline. However, observing the rules of proper nutrition, for 4 months, you can develop the habit of a morning meal. We can only follow it for life.

 What foods promote weight loss?
 1.Apples and pears are rich in pectin. They perfectly fill the stomach than the feeling of satiety, and that many important practically zero calories. These fruits contain many essential vitamins and minerals. Perfect for a snack.
 2.Thanks grapefruit reduced insulin levels and because of this there are less than would be desirable.
If after every meal to eat half a grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice 150 ml, then two weeks later your weight reduced by two kg. The bitter taste of the juice can be easily diluted orange juice.
3.Figs facilitates digestion, because there many valuable fiber. After eating two or three figs – enough to quench your hunger and at the same time it is low in calories and fat, and not at all. You can also add the figs in muesli.
4.Mixed vegetables of different colors, you’ll have a healthy food, rich in vitamins and fiber. From dinner with salad, which is filled with a drop of lemon juice and vegetable oil, you have no calories fill the stomach, leaving much less room for more food calorie. It also promotes weight loss.
5. Also promotes weight loss green tea. Green tea is a great healing properties. After all, it is composed of substances that actively burn fat. Asian nutritionists say that you should drink four cups of green tea a day! It is believed that if you drink green tea a day, five cups, you lose about 70 80 calories. Green tea also protects vessels, heart and prevents the formation of cancer cells. But it is not necessary to use it in large quantities, as it is a stimulant effect on.
It contains antioxidants, significantly slowing down the aging process. In the morning he invigorates no worse than coffee, strengthens the immune system and fights cancer.

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