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Salts WorldWide – types of salt

Currently, there are several basic types of edible salt, which differ from each other not only in appearance but also with the consumer, taste and  the chemical-physical parameters. Among the most popular and widely used in cooking and in the types of edible salt industry are the following:

dining or salt;
• food rock salt;
• sea salt; 20131013_112456
• black salt;
• garlic, onion, spicy salt and other, within which there are additional ingredients and food additives;
• iodized salt;
• dietary salt and salt grinding large or small.

Everything about  Salts Worldwide

  Black salt is  from India. It consists of an iron compound, a large amount of sulfides, sulfates, sodium and other elements as a result it has a peculiar odor similar to boiled hard-boiled eggs.

  Sea ​​salt
In stores now you can find the sea salt. It appeared relatively recently, but gained a lot of fans. Its main advantage – the presence of a vital element for the human body – iodine. It naturally mined from the sea by evaporation or evaporation of water under the influence of the sun’s heat.

Here you can find more other types of salt:
In the Dead Sea salt contains a large number of different compounds, each of which plays an important role in maintaining the health of the skin.




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