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Some useful rules for correctly eating

Here are the several rules for eating right and maintaining a healthy weight and betterEat only when you are really hungry :


1. There is a difference between appetite as psychological stimulation overcomes the more packets , colors , smells , shapes  and a normal physiological hunger , natural and normal .
2 . Eat less food – Chew more thorough chewing allows the physical dismantling of the food into smaller pieces will increase the surface area at the time of contact with stomach acid and digestive enzymes . Chewing is the only digestion that we have control over it. It increases the surface area of the food, making it easier for digestion. Saliva softens the food and allows easy ingestion and begins the starch digestion by making co – sugar with the enzyme Ftielin . Chew dozens of times each ” bite ” . Chewing well will effecton teeth and gums healthy .
3 . Avoid overloading the stomach and digestive organs : stomach has a limited capacity . Overloading disrupts the digestive process , causing the expansion of the stomach, indigestion , flatulence and indigestion .
4 . Eat only fully ripe fruit – unripe fruits are edible and contain toxic substances !


5. Eating fresh vegetables in abundance (preferably organic) . Vegetables contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, enzymes , fiber, fitocimichlim and pure water . They are low in sugars and calories .
6 . Avoid eating food cooked for a long time : cooked food losing much of the nutrients . Cooking hits the vitamins and partially destroys them . It reduces the availability of minerals and the amount of protein utilized in practice. Cooking destroys the enzymes in food and loading systems that produce enzymes.
7. Eat a few foods at every meal : eating many foods interferes with the digestion and causes eating plenty natural need of the body.
8. Prepare a meal with appropriate food combinations : Keeping combinations enables more efficient digestion and assimilation of food due to conflicting operations of the food on the enzyme activity :

• separation between acidic food and starch food

• separation of proteins and carbohydrates

• separation of lipids and proteins

• Eat one meal a concentrated protein

• Fruits should be eaten as a separate meals

• separation of sweet fruit pickles

• separation of fruit and vegetables

• starches (carbohydrates) matched with vegetables

• suitable protein with vegetables or fruit pickles

• melons and watermelons have to eat as a separate meal

9. Eat in a quiet and calm! Good mood and relaxed improves digestion and prevents eating hasty and unnecessary provision of stomach acid . Eat with family or friends. Advisable to avoid eating in anger , worry, depression , illness with fever and inflammation.
10. Eating in a regular times. Avoid eating between meals or late at night . Food that we eat needs time at various stations ( stomach, intestines ) . Eating non-stop disrupts the digestive process and destroy the digestive organs . Also better not to eat in the evening. In the late evening the person tired, weak digestion during sleep is almost inactive and so the food lies in the stomach and interferes with sleep.
11 . Avoid eating too cold or too  hot food . Food enzymes are active only at room temperature . too  hot or too cold food may damage the teeth and the mucous membranes of the esophagus and stomach and cause ulcers and pain .
12 . Avoid peeling fruits and vegetables. Much of the vitamins and minerals found in the bark or near so if possible, try to avoid peeling vegetables and fruits except bananas, avocado , melon , orange .
13 . Avoid strenuous activity after a meal. Accelerated activity could disrupt the digestive process.
14 . Avoid eating too much protein. Excess protein load on the liver and kidneys. The liver breaks down excess proteins and makes them into fats and uric acid kidneys should excrete . Excess protein causes acidity in the body and can irritate arthritis . Animal proteins contain harmful saturated fat in the heart and blood vessels.
15 Add food meal rich in cellulose pulp. They are not  digested and annexed to water and toxic substances and cholesterol. Helps prevent constipation.
16 . Eat less meat , dairy products and fish. Animal proteins are natural foods are high in saturated fat , they cause constipation ( for lack of pulp ).
17 . Avoid how it is possible using harmful substances such as coffee , tea , cocoa products, cola , soft drinks , artificial sweeteners , colorings , preservatives , vinegar, salt, hot spices , sweets , white sugar , white flour products, red meat , dairy products (except for low-fat yogurt ) , hydrogenated fats ( margarine ) , MSG , smoked , Ulster , alcohol , tobacco, drugs .
20. Thankful to God for the good food you receive.
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