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The benefits of Avocado

Avocado is a fruit!avocado

Avocado look like  pear , oval or spherical shape , about 5-10 cm in length, and weigh between 200 grams and a half pounds . Peel the avocado immature tough , dark green , and after ripening – almost black . Pulp ripe avocado green or yellow- green, very buttery, consistency , a bit like butter. In the middle is a large fruit avocado seed. Bone and avocado leaves , contain harmful substances that are dangerous for animals and humans , these substances can cause a malfunction of the digestive system and provoke an allergic reaction.

Mature avocado pulp often used in the preparation of cold dishes: salads, appetizers and sandwiches, usually sprinkling of lime or lemon juice to prevent oxidation and damage the appearance and taste of avocado.

The composition of avocado:
In 100 grams of avocado about 245 calories. The fruit contains nutrients and harmful fats and sugar in it, so avocado actively included in a lot of different diets. The composition of avocado fruit includes oleic acid, which prevents the formation of cholesterol in the blood , as well as splits already accumulated .

In avocado  are a lot of : potassium (greater than banana ), sodium , calcium, phosphorus , manganese, magnesium and other minerals:  vitamin C , group B vitamins, provitamin A, vitamin PP and D show indisputable benefits of avocado . The content of vitamin E that help protect cells against aging and enriching them with oxygen , little fruit equal avocado. Besides, there are a biologically active substance in general anti-aging human organism.!!

So, Avocado is  a very useful fruit . It has beneficial effects on many organs of the human body . Avocado concentrates memory, reduces the risk of cardio – vascular disease , and it’s all thanks to polyunsaturated fatty acids within its structure . The lack of them can be one of the causes of atherosclerosis. Potassium contained in the avocado promotes proper operation of the heart rate results in an aqueous – salt metabolism in the body and increases the resistance to stress. Avocado is recommended for people with high blood pressure because of it ability to reduce blood pressure.

Benefits of avocado seen in normalization of blood circulation and blood formation. Copper, part of the mineral-vitamin composition of avocado, prevents anemia,  iron is the most important element of hematopoietic and vitamin B2 (riboflavin), participates in the formation of red blood cells. Moreover, copper and iron, in combination with each other can beneficial absorbed by the body.

Avocado can cause harm in the case of individual intolerance. Recall that in the bones avocados are toxic substances that can harm your body, eat fruit properly!

Salad avocado:

Only to mix with cutten onions and some drops of lemon juice:


Eat with bread like sandwich – it will be one of the most healthy and anti aging sandwiches!

The best breakfast I can do!

Glass of orange juice and four kinds of salads:breacfast



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