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The Germs of Life for Healthy Diet

Sprouted grain knowingly entered the life of adherents of a healthy diet. Try to grow eternal youth from a seed of wheat!

Once the seed begins to germinate, the content of vitamins in it is increased 10 times, and phytoestrogens in 50 times. It is sin not to use such a storehouse of vitamins!

In the sharpened tip of the grain is the germ, which is concentrated supply of nutrients and vitamin E. Grain can lie dormant up to 50 years, without losing the ability to germinate.

But is it worth to get a seed drop of water, like all life-giving force in its wake. After a couple of hours in a grain a hundredfold increase respiration, its cells swell and stretch. Every second is increasing the production of vitamins, enzymes, amino acids and trace elements. During this period all the nutrients that are in the unsplit complex forms are decomposed into simpler, easily assimilated. 

If you catch this wonderful moment, our digestive system gets the essential matter in the best shape for us. Really good for healthy diet.

But all these special features are stored only within the first 5-6 days, and then the activity of the embryo reduced.

If you buy this product in the store, then determine the degree of “readiness” may be the length of the germ. When the germ has reached5 cmin length and content of vitamins in it is going to a minimum and does not make sense to buy a germ. It is best to germinate seeds at home.

With regular use under the influence of various nutrients for humans, as well as the power of germinating seed is rejuvenation of the body and getting rid of many diseases. 

Corn restores, stabilizes and regulates the balance of the vital functions of the human body at any age. They return the body to harmony, increase life expectancy, rejuvenate and stabilize all the organs and systems.

Increase resistance to cold.

Quenched with a variety of infectious and inflammatory processes. Also contribute to rapid recovery.

Germinated seeds of wheat, are an indispensable remedy that can cope with almost any disease. A simple example: wheat sprouts, if eaten regularly, will in a few months bring improvement in the sharpness of vision.

There are several simple ways to home germination of grain:

Take the washed wheat poured it into a bowl, filling with water so that it covers grains only a little.  After 8-10 hours wash them  in running water again, spread it in a bowl, occasionally wetting up germination. After 1.5-2 days there are tiny white sprouts. Wheat is ready for use.



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