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The Importance of Water

In the last few years people got realised more and more about the fact how important  is to saturate the body with enough quantity of  water. Scientists have shown that the dehydration of the body is the cause of many physical problems of people.

From the point of view of metaphysics that part of the body that is dehydrated, has a direct connection with the fears and beliefs of the person. In addition, if a person does not drink water (not meet the basic needs of the body), it also does not satisfy of their emotional and mental needs… Knowing that the water quickly produce beneficial changes in the physical body, why do we deprive ourselves of it?

The water itself has no nutritional value, but it is – an indispensable component of all living things. None of our planet organisms can not survive without water.

Of water are all living plant and animal beings:
Fish – 75% jellyfish – 99% Potato – 76%, apples – 85% Tomato – 90% Cucumber – 95%; watermelon – 96%.

In general, the human body is comprised of 50-86% by weight of water (86% newborn and up to 50% in elderly people). The water content in various parts of the body is:
bone – 20-30% liver – 69%; muscle – 70% brain – 75% kidney – up to 82% Blood – 85%.

If the body is getting enough water, the person becomes more vigorous and hardy. It is easier to control your weight, as improved digestion, and when you pull a snack, often it is enough just to have a drink of water to reduce your appetite. Symptoms of dehydration are: dry skin (may be accompanied by itching), fatigue, poor concentration, headaches, increased pressure, poor kidney function, dry cough, pain in the back and joints.

Research scientists have proven that drinking enough water can minimize back pain, migraine, rheumatic pain, as well as lowering blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure, thereby reducing the chance of a heart attack. Supply a sufficient amount of water – is one of the best ways to prevent the formation of kidney stones. Since the water contains salts, fats, cholesterol, caffeine, then, accordingly, it is derived from another organism.

Regular consumption of water improves thinking and coordination actions of the brain. The brain and the entire body will be sufficiently charged substances necessary if the water we drink, to be of high quality, that is, to be rich in minerals. A healthy person does not have to limit yourself to drink, but it is much more useful to drink little and often. It is harmful to drimk a  lot of fluids at once becouse  all the liquid is absorbed into the blood, and as long as it is not overly removed from the body by the kidneys, the heart has an unnecessary burden.1010449_536275019770339_1752111982_n

Some interesting facts:

  •  In many developed countries consumption of mineral water exceeds 100 liters per person per year.
  • Mineral water which is more than 10 grams of minerals per liter are considered curative. These are water, saturated bioactive micronutrients.
  •  Mineral waters are formed at different depths (100 m or more). From the environmental conditions in which there is formation of underground mineral water content depends dissolved minerals.For the normal functioning of the body people should use water of the place where he resides.
  • By saturating the water in a region defined set of trace elements, nature itself gives people the essential elements of health. Exploring the phenomenon of longevity, the researchers found that almost all the people who have lived a long life, much of it spent in the same area and use water to one source. It is important also that the inhabitants of different regions of the body adapts to the local natural water, so people who come to a different location, often a feeling of discomfort. The conclusion is that one should drink the water in its natural underground areas.

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