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Tourism as the main component of a healthy lifestyle

Healthy lifestyle – a way to prevent disease and promote health. It contributes to the development of different sides of human activity, is the achievement of human longevity active and responsible implementation of social tasks. Under healthy lifestyle implies the active participation of the person in the family, social, labor and forms of leisure activity.

The five principles for the beginning of a healthy lifestyle:
To be healthy, you need to follow five basic principles of a healthy lifestyle, including:
1. An active movement;
2. A balanced diet;
3. Clean the body and strengthen it;
4. The process of cultivation of healthy thinking and development of willpower;
5. The pursuit of new knowledge about their health.

Now we would like to concentrate on active life and movement.
One aspect of this is active tourism.
For the good example of tourism we want to invite you to do some interesting tours in New York as
 one of the most popular tourism destinations in the world.
New York (New York City or the City of New York) – a metropolis of global importance and the largest city in the US with a population of over 8.3 million people. It is an economic and financial center of the United States, as well as one of the most famous cities in the world. New York City is the center of a colossal conurbation, called Greater New York (Greater New York) or the Metropolitan New York.
New York – is an example of the power, gigantism and scope, interweaving of cultures and styles, a variety of languages. If you take one of the  tours in NY , you will see that  it’s the world’s best examples of art, architecture, music, and fashion. No wonder that every year the New York attended by more than 47 million foreign tourists only. For New York, the city is characterized by two key features: variety and density. New York is incredibly diverse city. Being one of the centers of attraction of immigrants, it has become home to millions of immigrants from around the world.
When you take the NY tours, don’t forget to ask about Brooklyn (Brooklyn, more than 2.5 mln people) – the largest by number of inhabitants of the area of New York. Connect with Manhattan famous Brooklyn Bridge. Neighborhood different social and ethnic diversity. Just like in Manhattan in Brooklyn a lot of dissimilar areas filled with the sights and their own unique atmosphere. In particular in the south Brooklyn area is Russian Brighton Beach.
To get the best understanding and impression of what is this wonderful city you need to take USA Guided Tours that will bring you really interesting and enjoyable view of NY and take you to  other great places.
You will see the historical places as Rockefeller Center, Strawberry Fields ,and, of course, 5th Avenue ,Wall Street and Times Square ! I also was there and will never forget these places, I wish I will have possibility to come there next year and again enjoy these miracle places using the service of  USA Guided Tours !

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