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What is Himalayan Salt and Sea Salt?

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Approximately 200-250 million years ago there were two mainland: modern India and the top piece of Eurasia, in resulting of their collisions in some time were formed the highest mountains in the world – the Himalayas.

A salt deposits that were once the ocean due to crustal movements are increasingly thrown closer to the surface, simultaneously mixing with magma and thus enriching the various trace elements. That’s why the Himalayan salt is pink and it is also one of the most useful types of salts on the planet.

According to various data, Himalayan salt contains from 82 to 92 microelements,

compare to normal regular salt contains only 2 microelements! It is extracted by hand, then dried in the sun.

So Himalayan pink salt – is a healthy alternative to regular table salt.

Among the substances that  are contained in Himalayan salt in the greatest quantity  are iron (because of which it has this pink color), calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and many others.

Himalayan Salt is the cleanest of all other.

Here you can buy Himalayan salt and Sea salt    salt

Himalayan Salt  has many healing properties: improving blood circulation, lowering blood pressure, detoxification and excretion of heavy metals.

Himalayan salt balances electrolytes and standard pH, helps to get rid of arthritis, rashes, psoriasis, herpes, influenza and other diseases.

Pink salt is useful not only for use in food, but it also gives a wonderful therapeutic effect when taking baths.

Sea Salt

The differences between sea salt and regular table salt are in taste, composition, structure, salt crystals and a different manufacturing process.

Natural sea salt contains a large amount of iodine. Sea salt is a great antiseptic.

Sea salt contains magnesium (Important for normal functioning of the nervous system, anti-stress mineral). Sea salt contains also iron, copper and selenium.

The best remedy for fragile and brittle nails – treatment of sea salt. A glass of water you need a spoonful of salt, you can add a few drops of iodine. Immerse nails in the solution for half an hour. After a month of regular baths you will experience for yourself the beneficial properties of sea salt.




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