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About Mandarin benefits

mandarin_treeMandarins and vitamin C

Like all members of citrus, tangerine abound in vitamin C. This vitamin has a full positive impact on the human body, beneficial effect on the nervous system, promoting better absorption of iron, helping to fight colds. In addition, vitamin C is a fairly strong antioxidant that helps slow the aging process.

Mandarins have a lot of benefits. Mandarins useful for children

Besides vitamin, mandarins also rich in vitamins D and K.

Due to the rather large amount of vitamin D, mandarins will be particularly useful for children, warning them against rickets.

As for vitamins B, they have a positive effect on the digestive system , normalize the heart, nervous system , promote muscle growth , as well as increasing mental abilities. Due to the presence of this group of vitamins mandarins are especially useful for athletes and people of brainwork .
Vitamin B2 is contained in quite a lot in these fruits , improves eyesight , promotes healing of wounds, ulcers, as well as protects the nails, skin and hair.
So if you always want to be not only healthy , but also beautiful , try to regularly eat a few mandarins, to maintain themselves in good shape .

In addition of vitamins in the composition of these fruits include nutrients such as calcium, magnesium and potassium.

Mandarins are harmful rather than beneficial for gastric and duodenal ulcers, gastritis with high acidity, inflammatory bowel disease , as well as hepatitis and nephritis .

If you do not suffer these diseases , the mandarins will be equally useful in any form.

Using of these wonderful fruits not only bring a lot of positive impressions of their delicious taste , but also will contribute to maintaining and strengthening your body.






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