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Cauliflower and it’s benefits

The composition and use of cauliflower

Cauliflower wins even in taste compare to normal white cabbage.


Furthermore, it contains more vitamins than in cabbage. With regard to the ascorbic acid and the protein that includes cauliflower these substances three times larger than white. You also have to say that eating just 50 grams cauliflower, you will get the required amount of micro and macro.

Also have to sae that  vitamin D, B, H, K, PP in the cabbage just a huge number. At the very least, much more than in all the other products, which usually appear on our table.

In cauliflower are many fats and carbohydrates, as well and unsaturated organic acids, sugars and starches, as well as potassium, calcium, chlorine, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, cobalt, phosphorus and other nutrients. If we compare the cauliflower with the content of iron in the same salad or green peas, then cabbage undoubtedly lead.

In many diseases it is advisable to follow a diet based on cauliflower. Also, I must say that in cauliflower are found in abundance very specific substances , so are named enzymes, which have a positive impact on the majority of the processes occurring in the body .


These enzymes , or enzymes are responsible for the fact that from the body in a timely manner were derived toxins and waste products . These substances due to its unique composition and complement act in a manner that is easy to even slow down the development of cancer processes . I must say that cauliflower can be eaten in raw form, as well as roast and stew, cabbage can do a variety of purees and soups, sauces and pancakes as well as preserve it. If kale is a garnish for meat, it is best to apply it fresh – so it helps to digest foods.

Here is the fried cauliflower: only cooked and


fried with parsley and some Turmeric (Curcumin)


In England, cauliflower is a favorite among the vegetables  and people talk about it: “The best flowers are the flowers – the  of the cabbage.” Her dignity praised writer Mark Twain, calling it “cabbage with a high education.” 🙂

Caloric cauliflower – 30 kcal

Nutritional value of cauliflower:

proteins -2,5 g,

fats – 0,3 g,

carbohydrates – 4,2 g


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