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Flax seed oil

 Flax seed oil – native product, unjustly forgotten, production of which was replaced with cheaper vegetable oils, although its beneficial properties, it far exceeds them. The content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, Omega-3 in flax seeds oil is almost twice higher than in the fish oil!

Flax seed oil is a “living product”, so it must be protected from direct sunlight and heat. Only the gelatin shell allows you to save the useful properties of linseed oil, so the capsule form of the drug is preferable to liquid form.

Flax seed oil is a real “chimney sweep” of the body, preventing vascular disease and blood clots. Daily consumption of flax seed oil helps prevent the development of heart attacks, as due to a decrease in blood viscosity and the normalization of the level of fats in the blood decreases the load on the heart. The consumption of polyunsaturated fatty acids promotes the reduction in blood pressure.

Important benefits of flax seed oil:

 Effectivity of  linseed oil to prevent breast cancer has been proven , but other than that linseed oil is easier for premenstrual syndrome and premenopausal, improves skin and hair, promotes healing of damaged tissues. Flax seed oil has a demulcent, anti-shielding, diuretic, mild laxative, bactericidal action. Linseed oil is recommended for inflammation of the kidneys and bladder stones.

Brain cells by 60 per cent consist of fat, and it’s much higher concentration than in other parts of the body. The irony is that people almost do not know this and are constantly striving to eliminate as much fat from my diet, but have enough fat in your diet is vital for brain development, and maintain it in good shape.

There are two essential fatty acids, alpha- linolenic acid, known as “Omega-3”, and linoleic acid, known as “Omega-6.” They are called “essential” or vital, because of which the body makes all the other necessary fats.

Flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, soybeans, feed, nuts and butter of these are the best sources of unsaturated oils. They should always keep in the fridge and use only fresh, because the fats containing linoleic acid are destroyed by heating, under the influence of light and on contact with atmospheric oxygen.

Flax seed oil do  an excellent job with skin problems. With his help eliminate herpes, burns and other skin damage. The oil from flax helps to care for problem skin. As already mentioned, flaxseed oil can be bought and used for

the benefit of hair and nails. It is perfect for face and body, as a tonic, .antioxidant, emollient, nourishing properties


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