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High Protein Grains

Proteins, which are one of the five food groups, are an integral part of almost all the processes that occur in our bodies, they are material to build cells, tissues and organs, for the synthesis of enzymes, peptide hormones, hemoglobin, etc. They also form compounds that provide immunity to infection, are involved in the process of absorption of fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. We know that very large number of proteins (15 g) is in Holland cheese, low-fat cottage cheese, meat and poultry, most fish, soy, peas, beans, nuts, hazelnuts and walnuts, but there are also a lot of grains with high content of protein.

Solid vegetable protein is also required to athletes, pregnant women, children and those who are forced to cut back the amount of animal protein in the diet because of autoimmune diseases (arthritis, allergies, and so different.), and therefore in need of additional proteins.

Semolina, buckwheat, oats, millet – are high protein grains, that have 10-15 g proteins for 100 g. Pearl barley, rice, green peas – they content 5-10 g proteins for 100g, so they also are high protein grains. Using of grains high in protein also good for those people who cannot use the meat, eggs and other foods high in protein, because they are vegetarians or because of another reasons, like high cholesterol that contents in this food.

Here is high protein grains list:


Wheat is one of the best sources of protein, one of the high protein grains. Whole wheat is used in many forms, such as bread or pasta, so you can eat wheat as a food that you like! Acceptance of 100 g of whole wheat bread, will give you up to 3 – 4 grams of protein.


Beans and pulses Beans, no doubt, are also one of the high protein grains. You can eat the beans in the form of black beans, peas, etc., and get enough protein. The amount of protein in one cup of canned beans is about 13 grams.


Corn in its chemical composition is a unique product. Crushed corn sufficient content of different vegetable protein. Total protein of 7-8,3 g per 100 g of product.


 High protein grains quinoa contains more protein than any other grain. Some varieties of quinoa contain even more than 20 percent (compared to 7.5% in rice, 9.9% in millet, and 14% in wheat). The amino acid composition of protein quinoa very balanced and close to the composition of milk proteins, so it is especially useful for vegetarians.

To high protein low carb grains belong whole, unrefined grains such as whole (or brown) rice, all other whole intact grains. Actually they are tolerated like low carb because they are slow digested and more slowly converted into glucose than refined cereals/grains. Whole grains can be used in low-carbohydrate diet.`

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