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How to Lose Weight Without Starving

(Recipes for tasty and healthy eating)

First, it is desirable before breakfast drink a glass of warm water, so that the body has started to work.
Second, be sure to have breakfast. It could be porridge, cereal, salad, cottage cheese or eggs. By the way, porridge improves the complexion, to use it regularly. This is an example, but you yourself must decide what is right for you.
Third, do not eat after 18-19 hours of the evening. If torturing a strong feeling of hunger, drink green tea with honey.

For dinner you should eat something light – a salad, vegetable patties, cheese and fish. Again, choose the best option for you. Be sure to have a salad of fresh vegetables every day. Suitable simple things – cabbage or beets, carrots, pumpkin – no need to invent sophisticated salads. Of course, good to refill with oil, but you can never fill. Meat, fish and vegetables is better to boil or simmer. For breakfast and lunch you can eat a muffin or pastry, but do not overdo it – not 2-3, but one. At dinner better not to eat bread.

Try to replace the fried potatoes to lentils that have a lot of benefits.

Here are some recipes that help you to understand how to lose weight without starving.

Lentils with meat

This recipe is very simple. Cut meat (possible also chicken) into small pieces and fry in a pan, better with vegetable oil. Then pour in the pan green lentils (red fall apart much of it is better to cook soup) and add water. When the lentils will soak up the liquid, add water and so on until lentils are ready. The fire must be small and ensure that lentils are not burnt! For 10 minutes until tender, add tomato paste to taste, salt and spices. The consistency of the finished dish should look like a very, very thick soup.

Lentils with lamb

 4 slices of mutton roll in flour, put in a pot, add finely chopped onion and garlic (2 cloves), pour broth and simmer for about an hour. Add 250-300 g of lentils – green or brown, diced tomatoes (fresh or canned), sliced ​​carrots and red pepper and simmer for another half hour. Shortly before the availability salt, add seasonings and chopped parsley.

Carrot salad with apples
Raw carrots and apples, pre-washed and peeled, grate, season with lemon or cranberry juice add vegetable oil and salt.

Cottage cheese with fresh herbs

 Parsley or lettuce leaves wash well, dry and finely slices. Cottage cheese through a sieve or wipe mince. Grate the radishes. All components are well mixed with sour cream or yogurt.

Boiled potatoes with nuts

 Potatoes boiled in their skins, peel and cut into cubes. Peeled walnuts, garlic, chili and green coriander pound of salt. Add fruit vinegar and chopped onion, mix it all with the potatoes and sprinkle with parsley or dill.

 To prepare for two or three potato take a quarter cup of walnuts, garlic clove, half an onion, the rest to taste.



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