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The Importance of Drinking Water

The value of water in human life

      Water is the most important component of our environment. After air water is  the second most important component that is necessary for human life. How important water is evidenced by the fact that it contents  in various organs of 70 – 90%. With age, the amount of water in the body is changing. Three-month fruit contains 90% water, 80% of the newborn, adult – 70%.

Every living cell needs a certain amount of water to survive. Adults have to drink one and a half liters of fluid a day to two liters, which is about 8 cups. Many women in despair becouse coffee, tea and other caffeine-rich drinks are not included in the list. The practical advice: put a bottle of water before your eyes and promise at least before the main meals drink a glass of water.

Water carries wastes in our body, gives lubrication to the joints, stabilize our temperature and is the lifeblood of the cell.


It helps digest food
Lowers blood pressure
Attenuates asthma symptoms
It helps to burn fat
Supports nails and hair
Transports more blood and oxygen to the face
Regulates body temperature
reduces appetite
Helps you relax and relieve stress

How much water should we drink?  Adults have to drink one and a half liters of fluid a day to two liters, which is about 8 cups.

 The water in our body has a lot of functions, it regulates the temperature and mass of the body, delivers nutrients to cells and removes from the body decay products and wastes, dissolved mineral salts, water is also involved in breathing and it helps the body assimilate nutrients and converts food into energy.

 Scientist’s researches have found that drinking enough water helps to reduce pain in joints and back, helps reduce blood cholesterol, normalize blood pressure and reduce obesity. And the fact that water does not contain salt helps to easily excrete it from the body.

Active ways to lose weight with water:

Aqua slim, water aerobics, or aqua gymnastic are the names of the same new, active way to lose weight with water. Invented this system of training was in California, and it consists of exercises in the pool.

The water in this case not only greatly facilitates exercises themselves, but also acts gently on the joints of the body. Here at the base – twice the load experienced by the muscles in the water. So 20 minutes of training in the pool equal to an hour of physical exercise on land. In addition, they are easier and more efficient.

Training in water less tedious than in the gym, they contribute to the fact that up to 20 times faster than developing muscle and burns fat. It is important that this kind of fitness a pleasure, thereby improving the overall well-being. Developing the strength and endurance, aqua slim sparing effect on the muscles, ligaments and joints, while improving coordination..

  At the initial stage of training to develop the necessary energy reserves of the body uses blood sugar, gradually passing to the fat deposits

 Thus, the water helps us to get rid of excess weight from the inside and outside.


What actually harm drinking too much?
A. Strain on the kidneys.
The kidneys are not muscle load it improves its performance.
The kidneys are a laboratory load it detracts from her ability to function.
Two. Toxicology screening is performed only partially, and takes longer.
Three. Drain water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C
And all the B group vitamins together with minerals such as potassium and magnesium.
Four. Load on the heart.
All excess water passes through the blood system and the heart has to push and suck all the excess.
This causes unnecessary strain on the heart.

Water with lemon for weight loss:
The main advantage of water with lemon – accelerating weight loss. Water with lemon cleanses the body and removes toxins.

Citric acid is used in medicine, including in the composition of funds, improving energy metabolism. In small doses of citric acid helps to speed up metabolism.

The first intake of water with lemon have to be in the morning. Heat water like for tea. Cut a slice of lemon and drop it there. This drink helps to speed up the digestive system and breaks down fats.

If you drink water with lemon, it is possible, first of all, to see improvement in their well-being, ease and comfort. Your body gets its energy and vitamins, while displaying all the unnecessary and harmful





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