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Medicinal properties and the use of mint

Peppermint (Mint) is used since ancient times as one of the most important medicinal plants. Medicinal properties of mint absolutely recognized by all doctors in the world. Moreover, the mint is included in a plurality of drugs.

Useful properties of mint:

Mint – is a wonderful diuretic.

Regular tea with mint will help bring the stagnant water from the body. People who use a lot of salt, need to constantly drink tea with mint the benefits of tea compensate the harm caused by the body from a lot of salt. Mint is also used for weight loss in the form of teas. However, do not overdo it. Otherwise, it may happen dehydration.

The main benefit of mint in that it is a good sedative. In any stressful situation to calm down, just enough to drink a cup of mint tea. Brew it is quite simple: you need to select the tea to taste – black or green (need to take tea without impurities and additives), and a few sprigs of mint or mint leaves.

Peppermint also has a fairly strong anti-inflammatory action. Therefore it is included in the composition of the various ointments. However, this effect has only peppermint oil (wild mint quantum region of lower anti-inflammatory effect).

Peppermint tincture will help to get rid of headaches. It is good for remember for  those people who often suffer from migraines.


Widely used peppermint essential oil for hair. It helps hair grow faster. Decoction of mint hair preparing simple enough: 300 gr. mint leaves poured a liter of boiling water and boil for 30 minutes. Then the broth should infuse for half an hour more. Washed with a decoction of clean dry hair, and then thoroughly dried with a towel. Peppermint oil is also used for hair against split ends.

Mint gives a really lovely fragrance. It refreshes, soothes and, at the same time gives the body the energy boost. Most actively used mint for drinks. Mint tea brewed in any time of year to warm up, relax and think. Summer mint is added to almost all beverages mint makes them taste richer.

Classic lemonade is usually prepared from sugar water and lemon. His recipe is simple: per liter of water is added half cup of sugar and the juice of two lemons squeezed. If these ingredients, add a sprig of peppermint, so lemonade will  acquire the new rich taste!


The use of mint is widely known in the care of the skin. Especially for those who have sensitive and delicate skin, suitable lotions and rubbing of mint infusion. The infusion of peppermint helps to remove various skin rashes, relieve itching. To prepare such a mint infusion, take 1 large spoonful of dried mint leaves and pour one cup of boiling water. Let it  infused for 40 minutes.

Black tea with mint a recipe:

For brewing black tea with mint is also desirable to use porcelain or glass.
Take one piece of black tea and mint leaves one part. Chop the mint leaves, add to tea. Pour the boiled water of about 90 degrees. Let it brew.


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