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ONION IS amazing vegetable!

is known for over 4000 years. Ancient scientists have attributed to him all-powerful feature – the energy content of the body, giving strength and courage of a man, so this plant is common in those days was added to the diet of soldiers. People in this time were firmly believed that even the smell of onions repels and protects against disease. As the epidemic raged in every house hung tight binding of this vegetable. Modern scientists have found an explanation of the phenomenon of onion. The fact is, that this vegetable contains volatile substances – phytoncides (volatile) that destructive force in the putrefactive and pathogenic

While the onion is substantially free of proteins and fats, it is rich in mineral salts of potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. This vegetable contains as much iron (0.8%) than in carrots. In the bulb there is up to 2.5% nitrogenous substances, as well as glucose, fructose, sucrose and maltose. The sugar contents in some varieties of onions more than in watermelons. There is also citric and apple acid and carotene and vitamins B, PP (nicotinic acid), and even up to 60 mg of vitamin C.

Found that the constant use of the bow can reduce blood cholesterol. Also, there is evidence that sugar-reducing properties of this vegetable, so it is recommended diabetics eat baked onion soup.

Onions,  fried in butter or cooked in milk, softens the cough. Slurry of fresh onions, applied to burns, relieves pain,reduces skin irritation and prevents the formation of bubbles.

From folk medicine it is known that massaging the scalp with onion, onion juice or pulp strengthens hair and promotes their rapid regrowth. The same is true of a decoction of onion skin that we normally throw away trash. To obtain this remedy should cook (5-10 minutes) in a glass of water 4.5 tsp. tablespoons chopped dry onion peel, broth allow standing for 4 hours and straining it through a layer of gauze. Hair washed in a solution, get a nice color. In addition, broth onion peel eliminates dandruff.

When you buy green onions with roots, don’t throw this roots, put them in the ground (a pot of earth) and it will grow second time!



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