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Tomato is one of the most famouse and healthy vegetable, that we sure have use more, becouse in addition to its unusual taste tomato is famous becouse of  incredible amount of different vitamins, acids, minerals and other elements. Sometimes it does not fit in my head, like one tomato can combine so  many benefits!

 Tomatoes contain vitamin B, A, E, PP, K and minerals: magnesium, iodine, zinc, sodium, iron and manganese. Vitamin B and potassium, reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

Vitamin K supports bone health. Chromium in tomatoes  helps stabilize level of  sugar in our blood. The structure of the tomato is a powerful antioxidant – lycopene. Lycopene is a unique substance that helps in many diseases. It has anti-cancer effect and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Lycopene  is increases the protection of the skin from the sun more than 30%.! Intense red color in tomatoes is also thanks lycopene. The body absorbs lycopene beter with fat, so it is useful to use the tomatoes with a vegetable oil, such as in a salad.

 Tomatoes also have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Due to the content of serotonin, a substance to improve mood, a tomato is a natural antidepressant.

Those who wish to lose weight should be sure to include tomatoes in daily menu becouse 100 grams of tomato contains only  23 calories .

Tomato – is a red vegetable and, as we know, all of the vegetables have a positive effect on the color of the blood and supplement it with the necessary materials and minerals. Eating tomatoes indicated for the prevention of blood clots, cleaning the walls of the blood vessels of cholesterol, as well as to reduce the likelihood of heart disease, such as heart attack or stroke.

 Tomato and lycopene – maintaining brain function!

Tomatoes may also contribute to brain function. A recent preliminary study, older women in their lycopene intake was highest, were more active mentally. The research examined 88 Catholic nuns aged 77 to 98. Are those nuns Berman is a high concentration of lycopene, functioning better. They performed better everyday activities such as walking, bathing, eating, dressing and more. Ability to care for themselves was 3.6 times greater ability of the nuns with the lowest lycopene levels. Similar relationships were not found for other antioxidants.

 Tomato and lycopene – maintaining eye health! Lycopene may also help maintain normal vision. Recently discovered high concentrations of lycopene are important parts of the eye. One of them, called “body restrained,” produces watery fluid, that fills the eyeball, which keeps the pressure, and helps to re-focus objects. Lycopene, high antioxidant ability may help the body to carry out its missions restrained, by protecting the enzymes involved in the activity, because oxygen. If so, lycopene may help delay the development of two problems – glaucoma, which created intraocular pressure too much can lead to blindness, and “aging vision” (PRESBYOPIA) comes over time for each eye aging and makes it difficult to focus on small objects and relations

 Tomatoes regulate the nervous system and are excellent antidepressant. Due to the presence of serotonin, these vegetables improves our mood. Benefits of tomatoes and is available for volatile production, and they in turn have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

DSC_0010 ***But we have not forget  that there is also some damage to tomatoes – it  is their allergenicity. People suffering from food allergies should not use them in your diet, or have to cut their consumption to a minimum. For people with arthritis, gout, as well as kidney damage tomatoes undeniable, as oxalic acid present in them is bad for the water-salt metabolism***


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