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What to do  if chocolate  is one of the most popular products in the world, leader among the sweets, that sometimes even replace sex and treat depression?

Today harm and benefits of chocolate repeatedly studied by leading researchers in the world. The main use of the popular plus goodies (besides, of course, enjoying the wonderful taste) – saving us from atherosclerosis. This happens because of the high content of essential oil in chocolate, preventing the deposition of cholesterol on the walls of blood vessels!!

Flavonoids substances that is also in wine and grapes (known “helpers” of the heart and brain) do not give platelets to stick together so it  protects our organism against heart attacks and strokes. A similar effect also has aspirin, but you must admit that much better would be the bite of chocolate?

According to research of Japanese scientists, up to 50 grams of chocolate every day prevent the development of cancer and peptic ulcer disease. But have to remember that the highest concentration of essential oils miracle, flavonoids, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and catechin antioxidants -is in dark chocolate.

Those who fear this sweetness, assure that harm chocolate much more than good. They can safely argue.

Chocolate can harm only allergies, people who can not limit their-self to the consumption of sweets, and diabetics. The rest is a reasonable amount of candy of dark chocolate a day will only benefit.

Benefits and harms of chocolate depend more on how much you eat every day. Four candy a day will not do you any harm, but bring pleasure. Doctors have found that useful even the aroma of sweetness that has a beneficial effect on our psyche.


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