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Benefits of cucumber

Many people think that other than water in the cucumber anything useful anymore. But what about the 5% of remain nutrients? We will talk about them. It has been said that cucumber


contains potassium, which displays the body of water, but it is not its only feature, it also lowers blood pressure, reduces swelling, helps with cardiac


Benefits of cucumber are in the fact that the iodine contained in them, absorbed nearly 100% and helps prevent diseases of the thyroid gland. Addition of iodine in the cucumber contains phosphorus, iron, magnesium, silicon and chlorine. Vegetables on the content of vitamins B, a cucumber is one of the leaders. Also, it contains ascorbic acid (vitamin C), but with the increase in the cucumber, it gradually disappears, so that its contents more in the small cucumbers than in large ones.


The benefits of cucumbers can be evaluated while taking meat. If you eat meat with the vegetable, the rates of assimilation of proteins from this dish will be several times more. Improvement of metabolic processes, loss of appetite, reduced blood sugar levels – it’s all useful abilities of cucumber.

(It is only 15 kcal per 100 g of cucumbers.)

Cucumber juice

Cucumber juice is used in diseases of the joints, gout, edema, edema of cardiac origin. They treat your teeth and gums, festering wounds and ulcers, as it has antimicrobial activity.

Already in antiquity cucumber juice and peel cucumber extract (50 g per cup of boiled water at room temperature, insisting 6:00) proved to be excellent cosmetics, cleansing, softening and whitening the skin.

Cucumbers belong to the food, which are characterized by an energy minimum and the maximum biol

ogical value. Their consumption deemed necessary in a balanced diet.

Cucumber is a potent diuretic, removes swelling and reduces blood pressure, prevents degenerative and inflammatory processes in the myocardium and has a beneficial effect in heart rhythm disorders.

The presence of zinc does cucumber useful for diabetics. The juice quenches thirst, cools the body in fever, cleanses the body of toxins, prevents the passage of carbohydrates in

to fat and promotes better absorption of protein and fat, neutralizes acidic foods, prevents the accumulation of salts.

The content of vitamin B2 in cucumber more than in radish, B1 more than in the beet, iodine, more than in other vegetable crops.






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