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Apple’s benefits to our body

appleApple consists almost 80% of water, and the remaining 20% consists of useful substances: cellulose, organic acids (malic, tartaric and citric acid), vitamins A, B1, B3, PP, C, as well as iron, iodine, potassium, calcium , magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, etc.

Many have heard that apple fruit is often referred to health – it really is , they contain large amounts of vitamins such as C, B1 , B2, P, E , including manganese and potassium. It is also one of the easily digestible sources of iron . Apples are used not only for the prevention of colds , but also for the treatment of serious illnesses as cancer . A sufficient amount of potassium help to stabilize blood pressure , well, calcium is needed to strengthen tooth enamel and bone . Do not forget that almost apples hypoallergenic and can be used almost for everybody.

Fiber contained in green apples, a long time to digest and does not give a long time to feel hunger. It also contains pectin, which helps to improve the complexion and will contribute to adding youth and freshness of the skin.

Cooked apples don’t lost their benefits. Do not forget that the use of baked apples is also high!

With apples you can improve health and treat gastritis . To do this, you need to  wash thoroughly better green apples, remove core and grate . Grated apples are recommended to eat early in the morning , as for 4 hours before and after they are received and can not eat anything for 11 hours , you can safely eat breakfast . Eat apples at night is not recommended, as they contribute to the gassing , which can worsen the condition. The first month of the apples in this way need to eat every day , the second month – 3 times a week and the third – 1 time per week . But all this must be combined with the prescribed diet , that is excluded from the diet of spicy and salty foods , greasy , coffee, strong tea , fresh bread.


Useful properties of apples for weight loss :

Thanks to advantageous properties of apple, it can be basis of different diets and fasting days. This product makes it possible not only to effectively reduce weight, but also improve health. Not to torture ourselves strict diet and at the same time to achieve the desired result, you need only include apples in your diet and arrange fasting days.

The skin of apples contains both insoluble fibers that remove excess cholesterol from the blood, and soluble, which in turn derive cholesterol from the liver. Thanks to the numerous tests we found out that antioxidants contained in apple peel, contribute to slower growth of cancer cells.



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