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Fruit and Vegetables

The appearance of many diets, fruit and vegetable diet is quite natural. Most fruits and vegetables have a small caloric load. The only exceptions are grapes, bananas and potatoes – a vegetable, though, but rather caloric food. The rest of the vegetables and fruits cherryare well suited for diet menus.salad

Besides the fact that fruit and vegetable diet, it is rich in fiber. Fiber itself is not cleaved in the body, but provides long-term saturation, thus eliminating the “satellite” of many diets – a constant feeling of hunger.

The Benefits of Vegetables

Cellulose fiber – this is an excellent adsorbent absorbing toxic substances in the intestine, and thus promotes their excretion from the body. Simultaneously, the fiber improves intestinal motility, normalizes it work and cleaning.

Vegetable and fruit juice recipes

Vegetables and fruits are the main suppliers of fiber, which plays an important role in the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, normalizing lipid metabolism, excretion of cholesterol.

   Eating fruits and vegetables increases the body’s immune properties and provide protection against disease. Many fruits and vegetables have a therapeutic effect, and have been successfully used in treatment diets.

Palm – big benefeits!

 In contrast to the synthetic drug treatment components of fruits and vegetables do not cause harm to the body.

 All the vitamins, minerals, pectin, organic acids, volatile oils and sugar can be called just living energy. Living energy exists only in the living fruits and vegetables, but its concentration is highest in the berries.


Pectin has a triple health benefits: lower cholesterol and blood sugar, but also reduces the risk of cancer.

 The source of pectin in our body is almost all fruits and berries (cranberry, currant, pineapple, banana, rowan, gooseberry, wild rose) and vegetables (beets, squash, watermelon, sweet potato). The obvious proof of the presence of pectin in fruit jam is a thickening or jam made ​​from fruit and berries. Yes, pay attention to the citrus. They are very rich in pectin, but it is all the wealth contained in their zest (colored upper layer of skin), we often bury the waste.

 And really the most important and accessible to most of us a source of pectin are apples. In general, the content in the raw vegetable product on average is about 3%.

  The Benefits of Vegetables

 Five food groups

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