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Beets. Useful and curative (therapeutic) properties of beets

Beetroot  has a wide range of applications in medicine, due to its beneficial and curative properties. 


Useful properties due to the presence of beet roots of various vitamins (group B, PP, etc.), betaine, minerals (iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, etc.), bioflavonoids. It is used as a tonic, improving digestion and metabolism means.

Beet good source of vitamin C, copper and phosphorus. Beet eliminates toxins in the body. Beet leaves contain lots of vitamin A and roots contains  vitamin C .

Eating beets  prevents the growth of malignant tumors.

The vitamin B9 of beets is ideal for preventing heart disease. Ingestion of this vitamin is essential for the production of hemoglobin, or prevent anemia, and leukemia. Beetroot has anti-aging properties! These properties come into effect due to the presence of folic acid in the beet, which contributes to the creation of new cells.

 Another important element of rejuvenation beets – is quartz, very important for the good health of bones, arteries, and skin. Despite all its advantages, it is necessary to know that the red beet is not very useful for those that have a weak stomach, or for those who have high acidity. Beetroot is useful for people suffering from water retention, and for people who suffer from obesity. Beets not only cleanses the kidneys, but also the blood, reducing the acidity of our body and helps cleanse the liver. This vegetable stimulates the brain and removes toxins that can accumulate in the body, maintaining good mental health and preventing premature aging.

Beetroot helps the body to absorb vitamin B and itself contains a lot of vitamins.Cooked beets, beet broth – good laxative and diuretic. Juice of raw beetroot is useful in hypertension.


Medicinal properties of beet
 About the medicinal properties of red beet we can talk endlessly. Beetroot is useful in diseases of the liver. Beets help to strengthen capillary walls. Substances contained in the roots, have a vasodilator, against the sclerotic and soothing effect. They contribute to the release of excess fluid from the body and are necessary for normal functioning of the heart. Beet is recommended for the prevention and treatment of hypertension, atherosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system.
 Beet roots contain a lot of pectins, which thanks have good barrier properties from the effects of radioactive and heavy metals, pectin also helps to eliminate cholesterol and delay the development of harmful bacteria in the gut.

 Beetroot is also hematopoietic properties due to the high content in the roots of iron and copper. Beetroot is used in varying degrees of anemia and in conditions associated with reduced strength of the walls of blood vessels.Useful beet exhaustion and loss of strength after an illness. It is recommended to drink fresh beet juice at least three times a day before meals.

 Properties of cooked beets:
Cooked beets, unlike many other vegetables, can keep their main useful properties. The fact that vitamins and minerals is not very sensitive to heat. Minerals of beets mostly alkaline nature that in our mostly acidic diet – is not small benefit. In beet present group of biologically active substances called betaine is metilipovannye amino acid derivatives. One of these substances is simply called betaine, since beets in Latin  – Beta, you can guess from where did the name came for the first time.  Beet betaine promotes protein digestion and reduce blood pressure, it inhibits atherosclerosis and most importantly – regulates fat metabolism, prevents obesity (especially fatty liver). In short – a substance useful in all respects: it is present in the roots and leaves of beets, when heated are almost not destroyed.
 *People suffering from kidney stone disease and other metabolic disorders (in various diseases of the kidneys and bladder), you should limit the amount of beets in it because of the content of oxalic acid.
Receipt of Russian vinegret
(something really good and easy for prepare)
Cook 2-3 beets, 1 carrots, 2-3 potatoes
After cooling, cut them like little cubes.
Add there cutting onions, can also green onions and cutting pickled cucumbers.
Good to add also little bit cutting dill and parsley or one of this healthy things, if you like them.
Add little but salt.
Pour this with olive or other oil and mix good.
(The picture of this salad is above)
Bon appetite!

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